Balanced Effectiveness @ Work
Balanced Effectiveness @ Work

Balanced Effectiveness @ Work: More fulfillment, less stress

(Or - how to enjoy the fruits of your labor without driving yourself nuts!)

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What we're creating together

We all want work that has a purpose, that allows us to develop our awesome talents, and that enables us to work well with others. However, none of us have all the awareness, tools, or courage we need all the time. This community is carefully designed to provide a safe but challenging space for us to learn, practice, and grow as professionals, with the additional (sometimes hidden) benefit that we also grow as individuals. Plus, we have some fun along the way.

Is this you?

You want your work to be meaningful and fulfilling, AND sometimes it seems like you question your purpose or priorities in ways you don't quite understand.

You are looking to connect with like-minded (and like-hearted) people who care about utilizing their full potential, and co-creating optimal business relationships with a clear commitment to societal transformation AND they can be hard to find.

You increasingly realize that everyone needs to be engaged with positive energy to make this world a better place for all, AND it feels overwhelming at times.

You want your professional and personal growth to be a "practice," not a series of one-off webinars, occasional workshops, or a "maybe someday" wish list AND you're ready to make a commitment to greater success and satisfaction.

You want a greater sense of ease and a more consistent experience of living from your "center" AND you don't want to feel alone in doing this.

How it works

To start, I meet with every new member so that we can get to know each other, ask and answer questions, and build a container of trust. Then, through live webinars, interactive dialogues, a library of resources, "pearls of wisdom," interviews, references, and open sessions we'll explore each of the seven areas of awareness in the diagram above and how they interconnect.  

By regularly revisiting these focus points - each time from a new perspective - you'll gain knowledge, experience, and an increased consistency in your sense of flow.

It's all mobile friendly, and you can control when you participate, what notifications you get and the pace at which you participate.. There are special options for one-on-one coaching, curated peer groups, and company-specific programs. 

What Results Can I Expect?

By participating over the course of a year, you will:

Obtain new tips, tools, and techniques

Make invaluable connections

Be seen as a trusted supporter of other [email protected] members

See the continuity of your positive change over time

Have a greater sense of resiliency and balance

Experience more meaning and fulfillment in what you do

Be able to take yourself a little less seriously!

Connect with something larger than your ordinary world

What it isn't

It’s not a site that will collect and sell your data – ever!

It’s not a place where unmonitored rants and hurtful speech are allowed.

It’s not an opportunity to sell your services or be sold to by others (no sales pitches, pop-ups, or ads!).

It's not a place where structural or institutional power, status, or compensation levels have any relevance.

It not a place where large egos, unresolved dramas, or excess validation needs are allowed to consume the energy of the group..

Why join us?

You want to:

Be part of an intentional  community comprised of individuals from different  businesses, industries, locations, and interests.

Meet people who are striving to make an ethical living, make a difference in their communities, and somehow find time for themselves.

Take on some new initiatives, be both supported and challenged by the community, and create your own path forward.

Swap stories, experiences, and ideas (not necessarily advice) around our shared mission and experience, and gain access to exclusive content and conversations that are dynamically changing every day.

Work in a way that will increase your professional and personal development over the course of a year. with many customized options.

Connect with cool colleagues through a most interesting mix of facts, forums, and fun.

Connect with this group of people who believe that business should play a major role in advancing greater justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion for all; working towards climate change reversal and a durable and prosperous economy for all.

Look back to the start of your commitment to this endeavor and marvel at the results and transformation that YOU have achieved.

About Me

I am indeed fortunate to be able to be a service provider and guide based on an exciting, eclectic and electric journey through life (so far . . . ). I'm fascinated by what happens when good people come together to achieve great results while they are balancing purpose and passion, respect and resiliency. 

From a professional perspective I draw from my five careers (woodworker, ski business executive, psychologist, nonprofit executiv,e business culture and behavioral change coach).  I incorporate my deep involvement in music, my love of growing organic veggies, lots of time in nature, and a spiritual practice into my work. 

I am committed to a continuous learning process on how to be what I call an "imperfect ally," as I increase my awareness and support of the A.B.I.D.E. acronym - making sure everyone has Access, feels a sense of Belonging, works in Inclusive cultures that honor Diversity and strive towards Equity for all.  

For over twenty years I've been the Founder and Owner of Business Culture Consultants, serving as a catalyst for organizations and individuals to unlock their individual and organizational  potential. I also believe that all this serious stuff should be accompanied by significant amounts of fun. Therefore play in its many forms is integral to my sense of balance. I'm delighted to live in Burlington, Vermont (on the unceded lands of the Abenaki Nation) with my wonderful wife. 

I love my job.

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